Consumer Issues

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·       Debt Settlement Services
·       Assistance with Will & Estate Planning
·       Assistance with Identity Theft
·       Document Preparation or Document Negotiation
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Debt Settlement Services

We provide debt settlement services that review all of your non-bankruptcy and bankruptcy options so you can decide which avenue is best for your family. 
Our success comes from our willingness to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of each individual client’s debt and credit card-related problems and mapping out a strategy for obtaining relief for our clients.
Kimberly has helped hundreds of clients from all socio-economic backgrounds and diversities with credit card and debt-related issues, ranging from defense of credit card lawsuits, bankruptcy filings, and debt settlement plans/negotiations. Kimberly prides herself on fostering strong client relationships. As our client you will know who your attorney is and be able to reach her by phone or e-mail. Kimberly will return your calls and will keep you fully informed about your case’s progress.
Contact us to discuss if debt settlement is right for you. 

Assistance with Will & Estate Planning

We handle many estate matters for our clients, which allows people to dictate how they want real estate and other assets distributed. This is an important step in relieving the stress your loved ones will feel when your estate is administered and in minimizing the likelihood of family conflict during probate.
Are you thinking about drafting a will? Doing so can be an important step in preparing for your future. You do not need significant wealth and property, only the desire to formally let your wishes be known regarding how to handle your estate after your death.
Contact us and we will discuss your decision to prepare a will and how it can benefit your family. Our goal is to ensure your estate planning documents thoroughly and accurately convey your wishes.

There are two primary types of Powers of Attorney:

Durable power of attorney: This document gives another individual the authority to make financial and other important business decisions on your behalf. He or she can also complete transactions on your behalf, such as pay rent, pay your mortgage, sign checks and sell stocks, among other things.

Medical power of attorney: A medical power of attorney authorizes another individual to make health care decisions on your behalf, such as where you will go to the hospital for necessary care. It is important to choose someone who you know has your best interests at heart.
Advance Health Care Directive: Another tool available to you is an advance health care directive, or living will. This document expresses your wishes to a physician regarding the use of life-saving measures in the event of incapacitation. For instance, you can express whether you would like to be put on life support and for how long. Making these decisions may seem hard, but they can save your family time, frustration and the guilt of having to make them without your direction.

If you need assistance with your estate planning, contact us.  

Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming increasingly common, and in today’s cloud-based world, it may not be entirely avoidable. Unfortunately, recovering from identity theft can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Most banks or other creditors can’t hold the criminal responsible so they often pursue you, the victim, through collection harassment and even lawsuits to collect the debt incurred by the identity thief.
We have experience in helping people get their lives and their credit reports back to normal after their identity has been stolen.  If you were the victim of identity theft contact us for help confronting with the situation and returning your life to normal.

Contract Drafting & Review

Contracts define the benefits and obligations of parties entering into a business relationship or transaction. Parties to a contract often have significant resources, assets, time, and money at stake. It is critical that contracts reflect the true understanding and agreement of the parties in a clear and legally binding manner. Lawyer drafting and review of contracts in Texas is essential to helping avoid future disputes and litigation over contract interpretation.
Our firm represents both individuals and companies in contract drafting, review, interpretation, disputes and litigation. While the best remedy for avoiding contract disputes and litigation is preventative attorney review and drafting, our firm is often called upon interpret, enforce, and litigate a client's rights and obligations in a contract. Some of the most common types of contracts our firm assists with include:
·       Residential Purchase Agreement
·       Residential Lease Contracts
·       Equipment Sale and Lease Agreements
 If you need assistance with a contract, contact us.